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1. Leader and officers

Guild leader:

Guild Officers:


2. Duties of a member


2.2. You should not remove yourself from Turul Legion - even temporarily - without the permission of an officer. If you leave to become test member in another guild, or for any other reason for a longer time, be prepared that you might not be invited back to the guild. 
2.3. Participation on the main raid day (announced later) is mandatory IF you are online during the raid, you meet the requirements for the raids, and we need your class or more character on raid. Participating on other optional raids is not mandatory, but encouraged. 
2.4. Follow the commands/rules given by the raid leader without questions. Feel free to comment after or before the raid, but not during, unless your opinion is asked for. Putting the leader into tell hell slows down the raid unnecessarily. If you have a question you must ask, ask an officer present, not the raid leader. 
2.5. Besides raids, you are free to adventure, but always keep in mind that you have to preserve the good reputation of the guild. You are encouraged to help guild members outside raids and form xp groups together. 
2.6. A member can be removed from the guild, if.... 
a.) He/She is not willing to play together with one or more members of the guild because of personal conflicts or vendettas. 
b.) He/She is not obeying the commands/rules of the raid leader. 
c.) He/She lacks concentration and skill which endangers the life of his/her fellow companions multiple times. 
d.) He/She lacks tolerance, respect and ignores play nice policy. 
To remove a member for the above, or other reasons, requires an unanimous vote from all officers. 
Please note, if you apply to another guild, you will be immediately removed from Turul Legion. 
2.7. Members should read the guild forum regularly to keep up-to dated, and participate in votes. The rules for votes are as follows: For full membership, and for officer membership will be fail when you got 25% or more "no" votes. At the full membership vote the explained "no" counted as double. At officership vote only explained "no" allowed. For example 30 people vote. If 4 says no and explains why, or 8 says no without explanation, the result is no.

3. New members


When you join the guild you become a recruit. Recruits cannot vote about guild issues, new members, and cannot request raids for their own purposes. Test members cannot access the inner votings forum.

4. Raids


We have main raids on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting at 19:30pm GMT+1. We appreciate your participation on these events. We also might organize optional raids on some other days. Such raids are always announced in advance on our forum. 
4.1. Participating on raids is not mandatory (see point 2. Duties of a member).
4.2. A raid is lead by the guild leader, an officer or another appointed raid leader. You have to participate on the raid with the character the raid leader asks (if you have several raid capable alts). If the leader does not specifically ask for a character, you are free to choose. Obviously, we do a specific request only if the raid cannot be done without that character. 
4.3. You must follow all orders: group distribution, movement, tactics etc. Do not question the orders. Do not go on exploration tours or do any other actions without permission. You are not allowed to loot ANY item, gold, heads etc. without permission. Failing to keep to this will lead to loot penalty, or even more serious punishment if it happens repeatedly. 
4.4. If you know you will be late, you are responsible for your own travel, but the best method to log out at next raid spot. Summon is available only in most demanding situation, when the raid leader or any offcier says so. 
4.5. If you need to go AFK, you need to ask permission first in tell from the raid leader. Guild will not wait for afk people who did not get permission, you may die or get left behind if you go afk without notifying first. 
4.6. Official times for raids (Central European Time): 19:30-23:00. Sometimes the raid duration might be extended. If you must leave before the raid ends, please contact the raid leader first.

5. Loot system


5.1. During raids, we using personal loot system.

5.2. BOE epic trash items: the BOE epics are rolled out within the raid, regardless which raidmember found it by personal loot. If you found any BOE epic item in trash mobs, please trade it to the raid leader, who will offer for it for roll.

6. Guild Chat \ Teamspeak

The official language of the guild is English. Please limit Hungarian, French, German or other languages to tells, party says or says at most. During raids we use the raid chat for leading the event. During raids, only use the raidchat for discussion about the raid. Please also do not spam guildchat during such times. Use different channels for jokes or other subjects.
When we don't raid, feel free to chat about anything on guildchat, but of course do not use obscene words or spamming.

7. Detag

We hope you really enjoy playing with us. We are a democratic guild, major decisions are made by the vote of all full members. If you have any problem, feel free to speak up in the open forum, or send a tell or a private message to one of our officers. Still, sometimes it happens that a member decides he no longer wants to belong to us - whether it is because he realizes our raid times do not fit his schedule, is unsatisfied with our goals or has some personal oppositions. 
Whatever the reason, if you decide to disband from the guild, make sure it is a final decision. If someone leaves a guild and want to come back later, that always brings a bitter feeling, and loss of reputation and respect. If you leave the guild, then change your mind, you must first write a new application on our forum, explaining your reasons. Then we will cast a vote which lasts for 7 days. 
We either don't take you back (if you got 25 % or more no vote), take you back as a recruit, or, in rare occasions, you can come back as a full member.

The Mercy rule. Everyone might have some really bad mood sometimes. If you detagged the first time, but you did not apply to any other guild, you may ask reinvite to the guild in 72 hours. If this is not the first time, 72 hours passed, or you applied to another guild meanwhile, the standard detag rules apply.

Please note, officers are allowed to make an exception if they have a good reasons and majority of officers agree with it. 

8. Friends

There is a Friend status for relatives, friends of the members, or for old and retired members. These friends are those players who don`t want or can`t raid with us, but they want to be in the guild, play and chat with us, and occasionally help us in dire situation on raids.