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About us:

The Turul Legion was formed in the fall of 2001 by a bunch of Everquest players from Hungary. From the two groups which went on an occasional giant hunt, we grew into a big international raid guild which has defeated all big mobs until the Plane of Time. After more than 3 years, Everquest began dying, and people quit it one by one, until no one was left. Fortunately, a great new game came out, World of Warcraft, and we decided to try it together. Turul Legion has reborn, on the Euro server Arathor, and thus, the spirit of the guild has been preserved. It is great to enjoy this game with the old and new friends. 
We are a family style raidguild - for most of us, the game is not the only thing in our life. We have a family, we have a job - so we just can't play 24 hours a day. We are not hardcores, if you want to raid every day, look elsewhere. Still, we are a good team, capable of many things, we have fun, we have success, Turul offers one more way to enjoy the wonderful game of WoW.

Our members mainly mature people, the average age is around 30-40. It's mean we usually dont speak in sleng or with 1337 speak, don't spam the guildchannel, and many of us not so active outside of the raids, because the family things. Not a strick rule, only a habit, but in most of the times we don't take people under 18 year. However, we are a very stable community, if someone left us, is in most of the times because real-life things, and don't continue the play. We are on the Arathor since the starting of the server, and we are proud of this. We raid 3 days on a week: monday, wednesday, friday.
About our guild structure, we like democracy. We discuss our problems, we listen to each other, and most of the time, when a decision is needed, we cast a vote. But once a decision is made, all must accept it. Each member is expected to have maximum tolerance towards the others. You are free to voice your opinion, but we do not like unnecessary arguments. 

What you can get if you come to us? Slow, but stable raidprogress to the end-content, stable guild-background, good community and good leadership.

What you can't get? You will not meet with many drama, whine, cry, favoritism with other players, or strange, illogical situatuons. And you will not found so big activities on the guildchat, and maybe in the guild at all - it's possible that you found group only in the night hours, between 20h - 24h 

Applications - Join us!


To become a recruit of our guild, you must do the following: 

Read through our rules. You have to understand and accept them. It is very important that you are aware of our rules.

First, register on our forum with your main character's name. Then write an appication on the open forum, introducing yourself, why you would like to join us, what characters do you have and anything else you would like us to know about you. It is recommended that you copy and paste the questions from the first post in the application forum to make sure you answer them all.
Please note: that we have several conditions, which you have to fulfill to become a recruit at all, like being level 90. Besides that, please note that we are an European guild, raiding in European time, between 19:30 and 23:00 CET. (18.30-22.00 GMT) Also you have to be able to communicate in English at least on a basic level because this the language we are using. When you become a test member, you gain access to the forum, and you can read and write the member only sections.

To become a full member:

You have to attend at least 10 raids. During this time we can get to know each other a bit. Try to attend as much raids as you can, if it takes over 2 months, then likely you are little help to the guild.

We expect that you have thorough knowledge of the game, you know how to travel to each zone without help, you have the best possible gear you can get solo, and your talents are distributed wisely. The most important thing is that you should not only know your own classes abilities, but the others as well.

At the end of your test membership, a vote is cast, if you get 75% or more yes, you are full member. In some cases, it is possible that your recruit time is extended - if this happens, there will be a second vote as well. It is very important that you behave tolerant, our motto is you help the guild, and the guild helps you. A recruit listens and learns first. We never vote out anyone just because he makes a mistake, but selfishness, greed and unnecessary arguments are not tolerated. After you reach the fullmembership, you receive full member acess to forum, and you can read, write and vote both members, and full members sections.