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Want to apply?

Postby Bolhafészek » 2008.10.07. 23:07

If you would like to join Turul Legion, you should register to this forum with your main characters name, then you have to post an application here.

At this moment we looking for healers for our Legion raiding group.


- Decent gear.
- Exact raiding experience.
- Activity - we would like to meet you at least on the raids.
- Decent computer and internet connetion would be beneficial.

Your application should contain the following information, please try to fill them all:

- Main character name:
- Class:
- Race:
- Professions:
- Noticeable alts (name, class, level):
- Link to your character's profile (please make sure you are logged out in the spec and gear that you are applying with):
- Guilds in which you were formerly:
- Please outline your raiding Experience in all versions of WoW (be sure to mention as what class & spec, if not the character your applying as):
- Please tell us a bit about your computer and your connection.Is your connection stable in 10 man raids? what sort of framerates do you get while in Stormwind? (fps):
- Also tell us a little bit about yourself, how long have you been playing online games?:
- Where are you from, how old are you:
- What is your online activity like in WoW, how often do you play, and can you commit to our raid times (i.e 19.30 Server Time to 23:00 Server Time)?
- Why do you want to join Turul Legion?:
- What do you love most about your character (i.e what motivates you to play that particular class):
- you notice someone in the raid keeps making the same mistakes and its starting to annoy you,as the raid is wiping due to this person,how would you deal with this problem?:
- And anything else you would like us to know about your characters, real life, ingame friends... :)

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your interest in us! We will try to answer as soon as possible, and give you a final decision within 24 hour's.
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