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Taniquetil- Hunter

Postby Taniquetil » 2010.07.08. 19:34

Main character name: Taniquetil
- Class: Hunter
- Race: Nigh-Elf
- Professions: Skinning / Leatherworking
- Noticeable alts (name, class, level): none
- Link to your character's profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... Taniquetil
- Guilds in which you were formerly: Order of the Silver Dawn
- Your raid experience: 11/12 ICC 10 man 10/12 ICC 10 Heroic, 10/12 ICC 25 - I missed the LK kill as i missed a couple of weeks due towork
- English knowledge (basic, medium, expert): Native... basic
- Also tell us a little bit about yourself, since how long you play MMORPG: Ive played wow since 2005, i have had two big breaks in that time, as TBC first launched and before WOTLK launched i had about 6months away. These times coincided with exams and having a baby.
I am an accountant now working in Manchester and live with my wife who is 30 and my 3 year old son.
- Where are you from, how old are you: I am 25, from Manchester
- What times and how much do you play a week (please precise timezone): Due to work i pretty much only raid these days. I will spend some time on the weekend grinding to raise some cash etc. I can raid twice during the week and sometimes an extra day at the weekend (fre/sat/sunday). WOW time is dictated by family time.
- Our raid-schedule is mon-wed-fri, 19:30-23:00 (server time). Could you come to this raids?: 2/3 each week.
- And anything else you would like us to know about your characters, real life, ingame friends... :)
I have only ever been in Orderof the SIlver Dawn, most of the guild live in Manchester as well so i know them pretty well in real life.

Its gonna be tough leaving OSD but we have hit a hurdle. A group of players were poached to join a heroic ICC 25 team which left us short. The remaining guild members were not good enough to get LK kills in 10 or get past putricide in 25 man. The guild has expanded up again but we are getting 6 bosses down in a raid cycle each week which is not where i want to be.

I want to be able to go through 10 and 25 to get the LK kills and then finish off heroic 10 man which is where we were before the playersleft.

My gear is all level 264 and above. My gear score is 6070 so i dont need any more gear from ICC unless we get into heroics. I just want to kill some new bosses.

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