Fengarren - Application

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Fengarren - Application

Postby Fengarren » 2017.03.16. 22:31

Hey Guys!

First of all, my characters are on the Draenor realm, but I think I can still raid with you. (I mean raiding is crossrealm) If that is a big problem, I can transfer my main to Arathor, and I would like to, once I got enough money. :)

- Main character name: Fengarren
- Class: Monk
- Race: Pandaren
- Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism
- Noticeable alts (name, class, level): Xiaowufeng 110 shaman/ Whitepaws 98 hunter/ Mushiwei 66 priest (Both on the Draenor realm)

- Link to your character's profile (please make sure you are logged out in the spec and gear that you are applying with): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... ren/simple

- Guilds in which you were formerly: The immortals (social guild on Draenor)

- Please outline your raiding Experience in all versions of WoW (be sure to mention as what class & spec, if not the character your applying as): I have been playing WoW only for a year, so I don't have that much experience in the previous expansions (only did transmogruns). I have cleared EN Mythic 2/7, ToV HC 3/3, and Nighthold HC 8/10 as windwalker, both with pugs.

- Please tell us a bit about your computer and your connection.Is your connection stable in 10 man raids? what sort of framerates do you get while in Stormwind? (fps): I have a gamer-like laptop i5,GTX950M so the fps isn't problem to me. (SW 40-50 fps on highest settings) My connection is good enough, sometimes I have laggspikes but it happens rarely.

- Also tell us a little bit about yourself, how long have you been playing online games?: I have been playing MMO games for 10 years or so. My very first MMORPG was Gates of Andaron (a wow copy). Then I played Guild Wars 2 for 3-4 years before I decided to buy WoW.

- Where are you from, how old are you: I'm from Hungary, and I'm 18 and three years old.

- What is your online activity like in WoW, how often do you play, and can you commit to our raid times (i.e 19.30 Server Time to 23:00 Server Time)?: I like raiding, learning new tactics, leveling alts of different classes, etc. I'm a casual roleplayer on EU ArgentDawn. I have to learn a lot, but I always have time for raids!

- Why do you want to join Turul Legion?: I have been searching for a guild with HC Nighthold progression, beacause there are no real progression runs with pugs. On Draenor, there aren't any alliance raidig guilds. (More than 80% of the server is horde, but I didn't know that.) An ingame friend of mine who is already a guild member, told me I can write an application.

- What do you love most about your character (i.e what motivates you to play that particular class): When I saw the MoP cinematic for the first time, I had to make a badass pandaren monk like Chen Stormstout. I have read all the MoP themed books and the comic as well. I just love the race and the stories about them. All my characters are pandaren :)

- you notice someone in the raid keeps making the same mistakes and its starting to annoy you,as the raid is wiping due to this person,how would you deal with this problem?: First I would tell him/her what to do/not do. If he/she still makes the same mistakes, I can't help but waiting for the leader's order. I don't get fustrated over my teammates mistakes, but my own.

- And anything else you would like us to know about your characters, real life, ingame friends... :) Forever alone ;) IRL when I have some freetime, I usually draw something while listening to music, or play on the computer with games such as WoW.

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Re: Fengarren - Application

Postby Bluéy » 2017.03.17. 16:36

Hi mate!,thanks for the application,someone will get back to you soon :)
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Re: Fengarren - Application

Postby Bolhafészek » 2017.03.17. 18:01

Hello Fengarren, welcome on the forum!

Thank you for the application!

As you may know, we raiding on monday-wed-friday between 19:30 and 23. What do you think, could you come to raid on this days? Did you ever tried the mistweaver spec, tried to heal, or you dont like that role? (no problem if not, just time-to-time we have raids where we dont have enough healers, and it's less manageable with bigger raid size)

It's no problem to come with us to raiding while you are still on another server, but as fix raidmember we would like to see you in the guild. Let's say you should transfer your character within a month after your first raid if our ways continues together.

Today and on monday we have progress raids, which are not the best for begin, but maybe on next wed you can join to our raid (which unusually will be the only raid in that reset), if you are ok with the things above.
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Re: Fengarren - Application

Postby Fengarren » 2017.03.17. 22:28

I can be there on the raids on said days for sure.

I've already tried Mistweaver, and I liked it, but found it kind of hard and didn't play too much with it, but I know it's mechanics. In terms of healing classes I played Resto Shaman the most. If it's necessary I can learn Mistweaver, the only problem is I don't have any gear for that spec, (trinkets) and the artifact is alot weaker than the other two specs.

Thanks for the opportunity! :)

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