Me again

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Me again

Postby Wicker » 2016.11.18. 20:24

Hello again. I joined the guild as a social member in 2011, then went inactive. Started playing again with the expansion, and although I spend a lot of time on Eve Online and World of Warships, finding enough time to have fun in Legion with my Shadow Priest Ardnaleis and Mage Ardshealach. Atill have my Druid, Wicker, somewher. Do you still accept social members? If so, would be more than happy to apply.

Sky will, I hope, vouch for me. He and Bluey taught me all I know about slacking.

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Re: Me again

Postby Bolhafészek » 2016.11.21. 22:31

Yes Wick, no problem, poke me for invite when you see me.
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Re: Me again

Postby Bluéy » 2016.11.22. 12:22

Hey wick :)
Good to see you still around mate
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