Time flies so fast

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Time flies so fast

Postby Hellodora » 2015.12.24. 18:19

Hello Guys,

I recently found this old piece of history and realized that you are still in business so I decided to jump by and share this with you. It was more then 10 years ago when this happened and some of you still playing in TL which is amazing. I wish you all the best and have fun in the game.


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Re: Time flies so fast

Postby Tedric » 2015.12.29. 17:32

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... grats DEdora :)

Hi Hellodora,

thanks for your wishes. Time flies indeed, it is so long ago that we killed Onyxia (the original).
I don't know if you are still playing WoW? However, I wish you all the best.

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Re: Time flies so fast

Postby Bolhafészek » 2015.12.29. 17:52

Iga is not playing since years ago, but i am sure he would say a warm Helló Dóra! Anyway, thank you for keep in mind us, and have fun too ;)
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Re: Time flies so fast

Postby Derin » 2016.01.18. 19:21

Thank You for the nice visit! Its always good to remember back to where we came from and the good old days too :)
All the best for You too! :beer:
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Re: Time flies so fast

Postby Littlepink » 2016.01.25. 17:25

Hi there, i hope you stay fine. Take care Dora. Fede.
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