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Postby utd » 2013.05.23. 14:31

Hello Legion!

Guys! In the last months you probably saw my characters online sometimes. My son play with them time to time, so if I was not answer when you tried to talk with me, that is the reason.
If it isn't problem, please keep me in the guild, I hope he won't cause problem for you.

Otherwise I'm ok now, but did not played to much in the last years. (Ok I played half year with Lords of Ultima, and finished on the 1st place on the World 1, but that isn't matter)

Sometimes I really miss the feeling of the game and the raids, so maybe I'll play again sooner or later.

So! I wish you to enjoy the game and the incoming summer too!

Have a nice day!

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Re: Hathun

Postby Derin » 2013.05.26. 23:38

Hey :) ofc! we will always have pleace for old members. Have fun :)
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