Hello Turul

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Hello Turul

Postby Dorfos » 2009.02.18. 15:40

Hello guys how are you all doing? :)

Im writting this post to let you know that im back in game, playing again, and would like to get back to my wow family.
Remember i have informed i could not be able to play for a year due to i was sitting for exams, although some real
problems made me stay away a bit longer.

Unfortunately for me, a year ago i was in really need of some money to pay my lessons as they were nessesary
for me so that ill do good in exams. That made me sell my account to a close friend of mine, thing that helped me pay
the lessons and be able to attend to university, this Monday for first time.

After the exams, that things went a bit better i baught another account, and leveled a warrior to 70, and recently , 2-3 weeks ago
ive leveled him to 80, and did some heroics as a protection warrior.

All i want is to be able to raid with you guys again, either as a tank or as a dps warrior (and get active again) although my dps gear isnt the best out there
The warrior's name is Naertia, you can check her on Armory. I am playing and i am trying to get better, i assume that my professions will be both 450
by a week or two, and my gear will be greatly improved and ill be able to sign up for raids. I know that im going to be
a replacement for a long period but i dont really care as all i want is to raid again with Turul.

If that isnt possible i would really like to thank you for the memories you have offered me and i hope i find my way through wow.

Best Regards
Your fat little Dwarf
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Bolhafészek » 2009.02.19. 08:20

hello Dorfos, welcome back!

You are still member of the Turul Legion, just whisper to any officer for invite.
On the raids we are pretty full atm, especially with melee dps: we have 10 volunteer for the 5-6 melee spot, but is not much better with the other classes even.
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Chromicum » 2009.02.19. 08:22

hi Dorfos ..Welcome Back :)
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby shadowbeauty1986 » 2009.02.19. 12:41

hi again :)
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby kukiko » 2009.02.19. 13:09

Welcome home Dorfi :beer:
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Lanilya » 2009.02.19. 13:51

Welcome back Dorfos,

Requesting a raidspot is not always a good start, because you can not be sure that you will like the game. Most of the people who come back after a long break stop again very soon, in like 2-4 months. If you survive that period, then it may become interesting to start raiding.

Then again, thats not the most important: here you are home, and you have groups you can hang on with :)

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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Tunder » 2009.02.19. 14:35

Good to see you back my son :wink:

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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Tedric » 2009.02.19. 15:57

Welcome back Dorfos :)
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Irizandul » 2009.02.19. 16:22

Tunder wrote:Good to see you back my son :wink:


Tunder+UM = Dorfos?!
He is a half-dorf? :evil:

Anyway, welcome aboard, mate! :good:

Re: Hello Turul

Postby Thegrey » 2009.02.19. 16:59

hey again, welcome back, i am waiting you :evil: :evil: :evil:

Re: Hello Turul

Postby Dorfos » 2009.02.19. 17:19

Thanks all for the warm welcome :)
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Bruenor » 2009.02.19. 17:26

Dorfos wrote:Thanks all for the warm welcome :)

aye, they were all warm .... so far :evil:

GL dorf :sh:
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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Dragonshard » 2009.02.19. 17:40

I didnt know Tunder and Um had a son, and a big one i bet :evil:

welcome back

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Re: Hello Turul

Postby Kroogarre » 2009.02.20. 17:13

Hiya Dorfos 8)

Welcome back :D

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