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EQ - Project 1999

Postby Hilde » 2011.06.10. 11:21

Hi Turul,

I don't know how many people played EQ until 2004/2005 are still connected with you. Maybe you already know it, maybe not: http://www.project1999.org/index.php

There is a big difference to Sonys servers: it is really an EQ like it was in 2000 (Kunark is already live). Death penalty, no PoK books, no bazaar zone, no revamped starter zones, no newbie armor quests etc etc

The only thing which is not classic is the client. You don't have to deal with the original one. You will have a compass but you still need to train sense heading to 200 until the compass is acurate. You have ingame maps, but only for newbie areas. Others are not available.

The server is a private server, live since almost two years and really stable. Its less downtime as it was in 2000 and you dont have to pay for it :-)

I dont expect a new Turul Legion but maybe someone is interested in this so I wanted to share this with you.

Have fun in whatever you play,
Hilde Guaard aka Seuche / Minima in P99

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