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Posted: 2011.01.27. 18:42
by Sandokan
Hi all ;) just droped by to say Hello and leave you this vid. the perfect example of Blondiness...
Ain't she adorable!?

Hugs and Kisses

Re: olá!

Posted: 2011.01.27. 18:49
by Kroogarre
Rofl she's perfect...........Budapest capitale of France ..........(and didnt knew france was a country neither) i want her for Christmas and her brain ! :evil:

Re: olá!

Posted: 2011.01.28. 23:55
by Tarkumi
Maybe her teacher used this map:

Re: olá!

Posted: 2017.05.10. 07:16
by Bring
Tarkumi wrote:Maybe her teacher used this sizegenetics plan map:

Lol that's a great map and some truth in it too. :)