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Postby Farfar » 2008.12.30. 00:44

Hello guys, some of you might now know me, am and old member when we used to play everquest.
So i just dropped by to ask a few questions, is there anyone still playing everquest ?
Is Behemot still playing mmorpg ? just little curious to find out what all of you guys are up to these days ;)

Wish you happpy new year and that you had a great christmas =)

//Farfar your old lizzy Monk ;)
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Re: Hello!

Postby Kedves » 2008.12.30. 16:50

Hello Fafar! Nice to hear you. As far as I know none of us playing EQ now. Behemot is not playing any MMORPG mostly.
Have fun in EQ and happy new year!

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Re: Hello!

Postby Derin » 2008.12.30. 17:28

hello mate!
Behe is a "rare" mob now in WoW :)
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