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Inactive Ziberiuz

Postby Zarikin » 2010.08.30. 18:03

Hi Turul Legion as i found you kicked me out of the guild for not passing me trial i just wanted to tell you why, to start of with this is not a lame/cheap trick to try and rejoin the guild but a sad story regarding my real life, well here goes shortly after i joined turul my Girlfriend through 10 years decided she wanted out of our relationship that really blow me out, wow plays a vital part in this breakup to much wow to little love from both party's.

Ofc i could have left a message but that wasn't really what was on mind at the time.

But i want to thank you for the spot tho i didn't make much of it and i have no problem with you people kicking me out and im not asking for an reinvite because atm i cannot garantee that i could forfill the obbligation that is required.

Ziberiuz/Zarikin out :)
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Re: Inactive Ziberiuz

Postby Bolhafészek » 2010.08.30. 18:40

take care Zar
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Re: Inactive Ziberiuz

Postby Bluéy » 2010.08.30. 19:12

Very sorry to hear that m8,in those circumstances i totaly understand why you didnt let us know,but you were big enough to do so now, for that you have my respect.
I wish for better things for you in RL m8,try to be positive and think things can only get better from now :)
best wishes
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