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by Kroogarre
2013.03.14. 20:01
Forum: Applications
Topic: social application
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Re: social application

Welcome 8)
by Kroogarre
2012.10.27. 20:26
Forum: Applications
Topic: Rhiánnon, disc priest
Replies: 9
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Re: Rhiánnon, disc priest

Welcome Rhia 8)
by Kroogarre
2011.01.27. 18:49
Forum: Leave us a note
Topic: olá!
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Re: olá!

Rofl she's perfect...........Budapest capitale of France ..........(and didnt knew france was a country neither) i want her for Christmas and her brain ! :evil:
by Kroogarre
2009.09.17. 21:47
Forum: Applications
Topic: kenza:shadow priest
Replies: 14
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Re: kenza:shadow priest

8) lol Lani.............since all those years i thought you knew i was french and not from sweden :beer:
by Kroogarre
2009.04.10. 18:50
Forum: Applications
Topic: Decado's apply
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Re: Decado's apply

Good Luck mate 8)
by Kroogarre
2009.02.20. 17:13
Forum: Leave us a note
Topic: Hello Turul
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Re: Hello Turul

Hiya Dorfos 8)

Welcome back :D

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